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WordPress Directory Solution review

Hi Folks, This time the team at InkThemes have actually brought a WordPress theme which will allow you to create your own business directory site in any specific city for any business type easily in the matter of few minutes. Directory site is really one of the very best business model, it allows you to generate your own recurring passive business in just few simple steps.

So let me just brief you on what directory business are, Directory business is something that will allow different businesses to aggregate and list down on your website.

So if you have a directory business yourself, you can actually list down different businesses in your city on any specific niche and put them and aggregate them on your website.

Since there would be hundred of businesses aggregated on your website, Google loves your site and you get better ranking for search engine and you get different kind of people coming over to your websites where you would be generating business for all those businesses who are listed on your site.

So let me just brief you on all the different steps: So we are releasing this ‘Geocraft Theme’, It is a version 2 of Geocraft . It is really fantastic. We have made tonnes of improvement to Geocraft, Ever since we launched the first version of Geocraft back in 2012. It has all the different improved features, the code base is very very clean since the last time. It allows you to create directory of your own city, you can list business in any niche.

so basically it allows you to create your own business site for doctors, lawyers, attorneys, wedding planners or just about any business type out there. Businesses love directory site and there is big reason for that, the biggest reason is that people really love directory site because they get business out of it, the reason they get business out of it is because, lets say a doctor creates an individual website of its own,

It is very hard to rank in search engine as well as very hard for the doctor who is really into the practice of doctor to really work on his site to get it higher on the search engine, while in your case since your building a directory sites aggregating all the doctors in your city, your website is quite easier to rank in google because when google comes over to your websites, he sees that you have put a potential amount of time and resources in creating and aggregating a directory sites..

And google always love site where there is content and directory sites allows you to put hundred of pages of different content for all those different businesses out there. So it is really one of the things that search engine loves personally and it is actually very easier to rank. This is one of the reason that directory site is very popular.

Now imagine the situation if a doctor who gets a $500 clients and if you put out his business on your website in a premium mode, and lets says he gets $500 leads out of your website, wouldn’t he be happy to pay you $100 or $200 in every month.

Because he is getting about $2500 out of your websites, he would be more than happy to pay up to $100 or $200 every month in rring fee. And lets say you have 100 businesses on your website paying you 100 to 200 dollars every months for getting their business listed it would be an easy to 10000 dollars to 20000 dollars in your city and in your specific niche as well.

So directory site is,so this is one of reason directory site is very profitable and it allows you to generate a payment on a recurring basis and you can actually build a business out of it.

So directory sites are easier to rank in search engine, since people would be finding your websites on the search engine they would be coming over to your site and if they have any specific requirement they would be filling out the leads form and all those kind of request form on your website.

When they fill out the request form this lead can actually be sold to different business for again a one time a recurring payment.

So this gives you a multiple way to earn money using your own directory sites as well as this directory sites allows you to actually list multiple businesses without even contacting the doctor, the advocates, the lawyers, the attorney, first you can list your businesses on their own website and they can actually claim their listing on your website if they find it really profitable.

So this themes comes with the claim listing option, and it allows payment via paypal so all the payment module, all the multiple currency payment modules is really supported in this specific business directory site, which will allow you to create directory site easily in just a matter of few minutes and allows you to collect payment in just about any currency out there.

So it doesn’t matter whether you live in France, Germany, Canada, NewZealand, US or Australia. You can actually build your directory site in just a matter of few minute in any specific businesses niche in just any country or any city out there.

So Directory site are very profitable we have been doing this like from 2012 . We created our first directory site as Geocraft theme as Geocraft, it is one of the very lar theme and 100s of people all around the world created directory website using it.

So This is an advance version of the same directory theme of Geocraft and it comes with the tonnes of amazing improvement which will actually make this website a really really great thing for you to start your own directory businesses, you might have heard about ‘Yelp and Yellow Pages’ already, Yelp is $300 million, company it really made this profit in just last year alone.

It started a small by just aggregating restaurant in different cities and last year they made $300 million profits alone. Yellow pages is another one of the biggest directory websites and there is 100s of potential to create a recurring websites in small city because this site can’t reach in small city as effectively as you can different cities and if you te a domain and get a domain like restaurants or may be something like that. You would be easily getting 100s of businesses paying you for getting their business listed on your website.

So get this theme I would see you on the other side of Fans, this is really one of the fantastic things and I am pretty sure that you would make a great profit out of it . Thanks for watching this video and do get this Geocraft Theme and I am pretty sure you will love this as well.

Thank You.

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