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Social Anxiety PLR Special review

You Know Who DOESN’T Want to Ask People For Help? Those With Social Anxiety

That is the beauty of this PLR content. Your list can add brand new content to their blogs and emails, catering to the exact demographic who will look up information online first.

As someone with multiple anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, panic disorder, GAD, and clinical depression, I put my heart and soul (and lots of personal experience + hours of research) into this one. ​

It includes a 8,402-word eBook, infographic (included in the eBook), articles, graphics, and more.

The main PLR offer comes with a 29-page eBook with customizable cover, 20 new articles, 20 social media graphics, list of Top 20 Amazon products to promote, and an infographic that is included in the eBook. All of these are about Social Anxiety.
29-page eBook: Complete Guide to Social Anxiety
20 PLR Articles About Social Anxiety
20 Social Media Graphics for the Articles
Top 20 Amazon Products to Promote
Infographic About Social Anxiety Statistics

etails About The Social Anxiety PLR Special

eBook: Complete Guide to Social Anxiety

29 pages, 10 chapters, 8,402 words
Includes 4 images and 1 infographic

Part One: Understanding Social Anxiety
Chapter 1: Social Anxiety Defined
Chapter 2: How Many People Suffer From it
Chapter 3: Why Some People Have Social Anxiety
Chapter 4: Common Symptoms in People With Social Anxiety
Chapter 5: How it Affects Your Daily Life

Part Two: Living With Social Anxiety
Chapter 1: Triggers For Social Anxiety
Chapter 2: Finding Your Triggers
Chapter 3: Taking Medication For Anxiety
Chapter 4: Why You Should Go to Therapy
Chapter 5: Tips For Surviving Social Anxiety Daily​

20 Articles About Social Anxiety

1. How Kids With Social Anxiety Can Make Friends (403 words)
2. Tips For Handling Social Situations When You Have Anxiety (403 words)
3. Treatments Available For Social Anxiety (418 words)
4. The Difference Between Overthinking and Social Anxiety (402 words)
5. How Social Anxiety Relates to Other Mental Illnesses (414 words)
6. Journaling For Social Anxiety (417 words)
7. Daily Habits That Can Help Relieve Your Anxious Feelings (417 words)
8. Why Joining Local Groups Can Help With Your Anxiety (402 words)
9. Dealing With Social Anxiety When You Have Professional Commitments (410 words)
10. How to Advance in Your Career Even With Anxiety (414 words)
11. 4 Ways You Didn’t Realize Social Anxiety Was Helping You (409 words)
12. The Importance of Sleep For Anxiety (402 words)
13. Why Everyone With Social Anxiety Needs a Good Support System (403 words)
14. Exercise Might Be the Answer to Your Mental Health Problems (402 words)
15. Learn These Breathing Exercises to Help With Your Anxiety (405 words)
16. How to Handle These 4 Types of Outings (432 words)
17. Signs of Social Anxiety in Children (406 words)
18. Signs of Social Anxiety in Adults (405 words)
19. Natural Treatment Options For Social Anxiety (405 words)
20. How Anxiety and Depression Might Be Linked (401 words)​

Also Includes:

20 Social Media Graphics

Top 20 Amazon Products to Promote​
The One Time Offer includes 6, 10-page reports all about social anxiety and different types of anxiety. Each report covers a different anxiety disorder. Here are the reports included:

1. Ways to Deal With Social Anxiety – 10 Pages + Cover
2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder – 10 Pages + Cover
3. Panic Attack Disorder – 10 Pages + Cover
4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – 10 Pages + Cover
5. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – 10 Pages + Cover
6. Common Phobias – 10 Pages + Cover

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