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Shark Notify WP Plugin review

Hey this is Dennis um I want to show you my brand new WordPress plug-in I just had developed. It’s called shark notify and the reason I did this because of course Google is banning all the pop-ups, especially on mobiles you can’t pop-ups. They don’t want pop-ups covering up all your copy. It’s going to get you hurt in the rankings. It’s going to get your Sykes knock down a few notches and you don’t really want to mess with that. That’s why I had shark notified develop now.

What it is? It’s a little pop-up that comes up the lower left-hand corner of your screen, and it just pops up for about six or seven seconds and there’s 12 different pop-ups that you can use. It randomly picks one. It’s really cool and one message here says Richard purchase shark notify 46 minutes ago. See, I can put whatever I want in there it’s not tied to any shopping cart or any back-end databases. It’s a real simple, real clean plug-in that’s really simple to set up. It takes about one minute to install this and you’re ready to go now. What it is just like a normal plug-in. Go to your plugin page, upload the plug-in you’ll see it there on your sidebar and here’s the dashboard, the top box there, you just put your image there, whatever image you want it to show. And then your second box there, that’s the text message you want to put in there now you can use it for the sales purpose that I use it for “John purchase shark notify eleven minutes ago” or you can say “Jackie just opted in to our email newsletter”, or you could say “Ringo just ordered tickets to our live event”. You can put whatever you want in there. It does not matter you can put them twelve of the same messages or twelve different messages. You got room through twelve. It does not matter now there’s an example of your pop-up image. Of course any image work, it resizes it automatically for you in your pop-up text. You can play with that that’s kind of my message there “Steven purchased shark notify thirty six minutes ago”. That’s what it will look like you can use your images you already have however you want to do it. It’s really really simple to set up. About very last thing you do you just put the shortcode into the page or post you wanted to pop up on. Hey how simple is that like I say it takes a minute to set this thing up and you’re going see what this does. It creates a herd mentality when somebody comes to your website and they see that somebody just purchased something in 30 40 minutes ago or 12 minutes ago or whatever. They’re more apt to go ahead and push the the Buy button and complete the purchase and that’s what it’s about.
It’s a psychology that we’re using to drive business now if you’ve got sites websites. I’ve got a lot of websites, some of them don’t get a lot of traffic. You know what I kind of wanted to create some urgency on these sites and it’s picked up, you know, big time you know I’ve seen 20 to 22 percent increases in just the first month alone.
So it’s paid for self many many many times over and I paid a lot to have this little plugin develop. But now I’m sharing it with you I’m offering it really really reasonably priced and I think you’re going to love. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love it just let me know, I’ll gladly refund your money. But right now I’ve got a special note we’re launching this thing for a few days go ahead and grab it. Check it out if you don’t absolutely love it just holler at me I’ll give your money back.
It works with WordPress. It’s a simple plugin, very simple, very clean. You’re gonna love it. So hey I just wanted to share this with you go ahead. Grab your pocket your copy of it and I’ll see you real sick.

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