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Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe PLR review

Did you know that Americans spend nearly $63 billion, yes that’s right billion on their pets each year with the biggest chunk going to dogs?

I’ve got a package of 12 PLR articles for you that can earn you money all year long in one of the hottest evergreen niches around. “Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe.” And it’s only $7. That’s right only $7 for over 4,000 words of content. Content you can use for your blog, to set up a website, or to use as click bait for dog-related products. Combine the articles into a guide and use it as a giveaway to increase your list.

The dog market is huge. 78 million dogs are pets in the U.S. The amount spent by each household on their pets has increased 25% from five years ago. More city dwellers own dogs now. Take advantage of this market to earn money by selling dog related products. Amazon has thousands of products to choose from. Many private companies offer their own affiliate program as well. Even if you don’t sell products you can still earn money through Google AdSense and Bing advertising. Once you get started in this niche you won’t want to leave. It takes no technical aptitude to learn about more products and techniques for dogs.

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