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Diabetes & Blood Sugar review

There’s a brand new, never used before, health PLR package on ‘Diabetes and Blood Sugar’. This all new ‘private label rights’ content is ready for you to use and brand as your own!

People are looking everywhere for ways to control and manage their diabetes and blood sugar levels and this pack provides solutions.

This is an evergreen topic that has high monthly searches for ways to reverse diabetes naturally and lower high blood sugar levels through diet etc. The obesity and diabetes epidemic is growing…and you can help slow it down with this high quality content!

You can brand it as your own and become an authority in your niche with this high quality content. Geoff and Susan O’Dea are proud of the content they are providing you, and you won’t be disappointed!

Some of the hottest health niche topics are those that are related to diabetes health. It’s a health problem that is affecting so many people, including young children.

There are ebooks to provide you with income, reports to build your list, graphics to show yourself as an authority, and they’ll also wow your readers and make them want to share on their favorite social media platforms! That means generated traffic for you!

This PLR package can help you promote a highly profitable niche, so make sure you check it out!


The Main Offer Includes…

Module 1: Ebook

– “Diabetic Neuropathy – Symptoms and Natural Solutions”
– 4,900 words, 28 pages.
– Formatted professionally – Includes a table of contents, disclaimer, introduction and conclusion.
– Fully illustrated with commercial use, Royalty-Free images!

Module 2: eBook Cover Graphics

–  4 different ecover formats in JPG and PNG.
–  Editable PSD file.

Module 3: Report

– “Hyperglycemia – Understanding High Blood Sugar”
– 2,283 words, 14 pages.
– Formatted and includes a disclaimer, introduction and a conclusion.
– Fully illustrated with Royalty-Free, commercial use images!

Module 4: Report Cover Graphics

–  4 different ecover formats in JPG and PNG.
–  Editable PSD file.

Module 5: Articles

– 10 professionally written and well-researched articles, in both word and text files. All 500+ words!

1. What Does Being Pre-Diabetic Mean? – 668 words
2. Is Type 2 Diabetes a Lifestyle Disease? – 694 words
3. Is Type 2 Diabetes Dangerous? – 557 words
4. Do You Need Insulin If You Have Type 2 Diabetes? – 545 words
5. What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels? – 532 words
6. Does Being Overweight Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes? – 581 words
7. What Types of Foods Are Considered Healthy for Diabetics? – 548 words
8. Can Magnesium Help Prevent Diabetes? – 523 words
9. Can You Reverse Diabetes Through Diet? – 624 words
10. Are There Natural Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes? – 742 words

Module 6: Social Posters

– 10 social posters
– Each poster corresponds with an article in the pack!

– You’ll receive JPG, PNG formats
– Plus the editable PSD files.

Module 7: Full-Size Infographic

This infographic is on “Reversing Diabetes Naturally” and is 800px x 3,500px long! It’s also created so that there are another 3 mini-infographics you can use separately.


The Special Upgrade Offer Includes…

Module 1: Professionally Designed Website

– Professionally designed custom WordPress theme.
– This website is ready to go. It’s all done for you!
– An affiliate program is ready for you to add your affiliate link too.
– Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About and Contact pages set up and ready for you to use!
– Easy step-by-step installation instructions are included to get your website installed in just a few minutes!

Module 2: eBook

– ‘The Obesity & Diabetes Epidemic’
– 5,227 words, 30 pages!
– Formatted and fully illustrated with 100% Royalty Free Graphics.
– Includes an introduction, disclaimer and conclusion, plus a table of contents!

Module 3: eBook Cover Graphics

– 4 different ecover formats in JPG and PNG.
– Editable PSD file.

Module 4: Report

– ‘Hypoglycemia – Another Blood Sugar Problem’
– 2,277 words, 14 Pages.
– Formatted and fully illustrated with 100% Royalty Free, commercial use images.
– Includes a disclaimer, conclusion and table of contents!

Module 5: Report Cover Graphics

– 4 different ecover formats in JPG and PNG.
– Editable PSD file.

Module 6: Articles

– 10 Professionally written articles. All 500+ words!

1. High Fiber Diet for Managing Diabetes – 595 words
2. Best High Fiber Foods to Add to Diabetic Meal Plan – 502 words
3. Type 2 Diabetes and Plant-Based Diets – 541 words
4. Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes – 713 words
5. Fat Consumption and Type 2 Diabetes – 718 words
6. Can You Have Low Blood Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes? – 653 words
7. High Blood Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes – 556 words
8. What Is A Diabetic Coma? – 643 words
9. What Do You Do If Someone Goes Into Diabetic Shock? – 605 words
10. What Is Diabetic Shock? – 521 words

Module 7: Social Posters

– 10 social posters, plus PSD files.
– Each one perfect for getting lots of shares!

Module 8: Full-Size Infographic

– ‘Obesity Epidemic’
– Measures 800px x 5,165px.
– Infographic designed to create 5 separate infographics, plus the original full-size one!

To your success, health and wellness!

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